How Can I Be Rich In Short Time 2018?

How Can I Be Rich In Short Time 2018? Who does not dream of getting a wonderful new home without the trouble of waiting to achieve this dream for at least twenty years. Those of us who never dreamed of a life of physical stability, which allow us to travel wherever we want and live as we want without thinking too much that tomorrow we have to collect money To pay a new car premium, or to borrow money to fill an old loan.

The man says in this human nature: “You love money with great love.” In the course of his life, man seeks to raise money to provide him with a living for him, and to protect him from the need to grow up. Many people wonder how to become rich? How can we improve our physical situation? how to become rich with no money? how to become rich in short time? how to become rich and famous overnight?

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How To Become Rich Overnight

If we follow the self-development experts who are trying to come up with ideas that help people achieve their goals, we will find that many of them are dealing with the idea Like Elon Musk Bitcoin Code of ​​”wealth and collect money.” The expert Matthew Morris believes that wealth in money is not an impossible dream, but a difficult goal for those who seek it. Found, and who can exploit his skills and abilities in achieving this goal.

One of the most important ideas put forward by development experts to achieve this goal is that a person first sees this goal and begins by trying to obtain a reasonable income that suits him and his responsibilities and the individuals who support them, leaving himself a margin for future planning without putting too much on himself.

The second step in achieving this goal is that people live less than they normally live, try to squeeze their budget as much as possible, and remind themselves that many people live with income far below their income. This step begins with economy and saving as much as possible.

After achieving the first and second steps, you can move on to the most important step in achieving this goal: to change your thinking from “sufficient material income” to “ownership”; that is to relieve yourself of the trouble of thinking that you need future money to have a good amount of money Your economy, and this will help you to give you the mental comfort of not needing one in the future. Do not put the amount you currently own in vain, take advantage of it and buy a piece of land, or a property, or invest in a successful business, and this will give you an additional amount over the years without your need to work or hard to get money, and this is the true meaning of wealth.

As for you, you have to know that the owner has a right to the liquid and the deprived, and if you want to be rich, the wealth will not be given to him as long as you deprive those around you from your money. As for charity, you raise money and increase it and bless you. The Holy Prophet “Fear the scarcity, but the fatness will destroy those who were before you.”

How To Become Rich From The Internet

The world of the Internet is a big and very big world, its first and not the last, no one is in isolation from using the Internet. The use of the Internet varies from the use of the Internet to communication with others, access to science and knowledge, and the making of money and profit. There are also those who use the Internet for play, entertainment, movies, and so on. Miscellaneous uses.

As we mentioned earlier, some Internet users use the Web for money-making and profit-raising purposes, and it has become increasingly popular for those who want to start their careers away from jobs, as well as those who are at school or housewives in their homes. Of the unemployed who found the Internet as a refuge for them than they are.

One of the most popular ways to make money from the Internet by opening an online store, and publish it to become popular and then take profit, as this method became famous on the Internet very much, especially after the spread of the so-called social networks, where the networks have been exploited by some in Spread their business among people. In addition, one of the most profitable ways to enter and register on the various stock exchange sites, as these sites provide good profits, but profits are dangerous and requires patience and learning before entering and adventure.

There are also people who have some talent such as painting or writing, where such talents can be exploited in the specialized sites that support them and their development, and there are some people who need someone to help them in their work because of their concern or inability to perform this task for one reason or another where they offer a sum of Money in exchange for these works, in addition to this it is possible that the person to advise some of those who need this consultation, in any area.

In addition, there are people who can make various videos that can be published on video sites and place different ads. All these and more methods are used to make profits and money from the Internet.

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Inflation has significant economic effects on the march of economic and social development. The most prominent of these effects are:

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1. High prices and cash mass traded:

High inflation rates have led to a rise in the prices of consumer goods. The first groups affected by this rise are those with limited incomes, as well as the presence of a large mass of cash in the market. This mass may be confined to a small group that represents only a very small proportion of the population, Its negative economic effects on the living standards of the population.

2. The increase in inflation leads to a decrease in the purchasing value of cash, which leads to increased demand for capital to finance the proposed projects and increase the demand for Bitcoin Code capital leads to higher interest rates.

Reducing exports to international markets
The increase in inflation leads to a decline in the competitiveness of national products in the international markets, which causes the increase in payments against the decrease in revenues and thus the deficit in the trade balance.

3 – Inflation leads to higher interest rates and consequently the profits of business enterprises are increasing, and these profits decrease in interest rates, where assets are financed by issuing bonds. While these characteristics do not apply to a number of industrial projects in low-inflation economies. But in high-inflation economies, as rising inflation leads to higher revenue and leadership rates. Which are not real if processed and returned to fixed prices.

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Inflation can be reduced, especially in developed countries, by implementing monetary and monetary policy measures:

a. Financial Policy:

First, the Ministry of Finance establishes a fiscal policy for the state, under which revenue sources, uses and surpluses are determined in the budget (Buelget) to reduce the amount of liquidity available, thus reducing the rate of inflation.

Second: the Ministry of Finance to sell the public debt to the public and thus withdraw the cash available in the market and this leads to the reduction of money supply.

Third: Increase taxes on luxury goods traded by a few of the population with high incomes.

Fourth: Reduction of government spending: Government spending is one of the reasons for the increase in the circulation of cash in the market, so reducing and reducing this spending will reduce the cash circulating in the markets

Monetary policy:

Central banks (central banks) in different countries develop and implement monetary policies by adopting a set of quantitative and qualitative tools:

First: Quantity Tools:

1. Reduced discount rate: The normal activities of commercial banks: discounting commercial paper for individuals and in other cases re-deduction with the Central Bank in this case the central bank to raise the price of re-discount in order to affect the development capacity of banks in order to reduce the volume of liquidity And is one of the measures to combat inflation.

2. The entry of banks (central banks) to the markets a seller of securities in order to withdraw the penalty of liquidity in circulation in the market. Or so-called entry into the open market.

3. Increase the legal reserve ratio. Commercial banks maintain a portion of deposits with central banks. The higher the percentage, the lower the development capacity of banks.

Second: Specific tools:

The qualitative tools are the way in which the managers of commercial banks and their bankers are convinced of the state policy to reduce liquidity in the markets. This policy is more effective in the developing country than in other countries.

Third: Interest rates

Interest rates are often associated with borrowed sources of finance, whether they are short, medium or long-term. Capital is allocated in the framework of financial theory through interest rates. These rates vary according to varying borrowing times. Interest on short-term loans is lower. When interest rates on long-term loans are high while interest rates on medium-term loans are between the two rates and interest rates increase as demand for capital increases.

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Bitcoin Code Investment opportunities may be available to encourage investors to take advantage of these investment opportunities. The expectations of investors have a clear effect on the increase in capital demand. Their expectations are that the economic situation is improving and that an economic boom will lead to investment opportunities available to investors. Therefore, demand for capital and short-term loans increases, leading to short-term interest rates In excess of interest rates on long-term loans, unlike the rule that interest rates on long-term loans are more than short-term loans.

Interest rates are affected by several factors. The effect of these factors is that the lender (creditor) is required to pay premiums in addition to real interest rates.

1. Inflation:

Inflation rates affect the cost of industrial production of enterprises in general and therefore the demand for capital to cover these costs increases. As noted earlier, the decline in the purchasing power of cash has increased the need for funding. On the assumption that the estimates of one of the business establishments indicated that the cost of a proposed production line in its annual plan for the coming year amounted to JD10 million. When the production line is returned, it is found that this amount is insufficient to cover the cost of constructing this production line. Million dinars (Bassam, 1999: 92).

This increase is due to the increase in the rate of inflation and depreciation of the national currency, which led to increased demand for capital This increase in demand leads to increased interest rates on borrowed financing, if the financial decisions of the business are affected and the impact on interest rates is not limited to inflation but also affects the exchange rate of the national currency against other currencies. In Germany, interest rates were lower than those in the United States, due to the fact that inflation in Germany was lower than in the latter.

2. Supply and demand:

The demand for borrowing money is increasing in cases where the country’s national economy is in a state of recovery and prosperity, providing investors with investment opportunities and varying levels of return and risk for any investment opportunity selected. Offering money leads to lower interest rates.

Conclusions and suggestions:


The main conclusions are:

1. High or low inflation will lead to higher interest rates.

2. High interest rates reduce the appetite of investors and businessmen to assume, while the decline encourages the assumption and investment, which is reflected in the multiplication of investment and follow-up national economy and improve the value of the national currency.

3. The exchange rate is affected by inflation rates, where high inflation leads to a devaluation of the national currency and consequently the exchange rate changes.

4. The stability of exchange rates in some countries and this is not consistent with the changing economic conditions.

B. Suggestions:

1. Reduce government spending in all its forms and raise the tax rate on the profitability of activities that do not reflect positive effects on the national economy.

2. Activate the role of central banks (central banks) in the practice of monetary policy towards the effect of liquidity in circulation in the market.

3. Activate the role of the Ministry of Finance in the practice of fiscal policy to affect liquidity in circulation in the markets as well.

4. Providing data to those looking for inflation rates, interest rates and official and parallel exchange rates.

5. Activate the role of productive institutions to increase production and improve performance.


Inflation is one of the most important indicators of the economic situation and its effects. Like any economic situation or phenomenon, it is not necessarily considered satisfactory until it has exceeded its limits.

On the other hand, the low inflation rates and their persistence at low rates are not necessarily a health condition. The reading of the reality of inflation to clarify what is indicated depends on the circumstances that accompany it.

It is known that inflation is a symptom, not a disease. A sign of its success lies in facts that may be positive and may be negative. Therefore, control of inflation before the level of risk depends on its causes.

Deflation The continuous decline in prices in all aspects of the state economy, which is the opposite of inflation in which prices are increasing. The financial contraction is little, but its results are more damaging than inflation.

Every year, about 5% of the world’s countries, most of them least developed countries, suffer from a financial downturn but it is a short-term emergency. Some industrialized countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and Canada have suffered from a financial downturn at some point in time.

The financial downturn sometimes occurs when the economy suffers from a recession or a recession. A recession or stagnation is accompanied by a temporary decline in all aspects of economic activity. The United States suffered a severe financial downturn during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Financial contraction sometimes occurs as a result of intense competition between producers of goods and services to increase their sales by lowering their prices. However, the lack of demand for goods and services is the main cause of the downturn. During the Great Depression, several factors in the United States combined with a decline in demand for goods and services.

Banks lacked enough liquidity to lend to individuals and businesses. The Fed’s inability to stimulate the economy by injecting more cash into circulation. The central government has prepared a balanced budget that prevents it from cutting taxes or increasing government expenditures. These combined causes led to a decline in demand for goods and services and then to a financial downturn.

Historical development of the concept of deflation

The term deflation is modern in economic thought as the term inflation [R] inflation. At the stage where the classical school was dominated, deflation was marked as a kind of depression, temporarily waiting for the spontaneous balance of supply and demand, between production and consumption, to return to normal. But the entry of the capitalist economy into periodic crises since 1825 has drawn attention to deflation as a pre-recession aspect of the crisis. Inflation in the sixteenth century by economist Jean Baudin was familiar in the 19th century. When inflation entered the economic literature in the English name referred to above, the word deflation means a deliberate process to remove inflation. [1]

The concept of inflation has been closely linked to the concept of inflation, but it remains a one-sided link. Deflation is a solution to inflation, while no one says that deflation finds its solution in inflation, but in restoring equilibrium. However, the deflation case can infect the economy spontaneously. In economic thought, it raises a number of definitions, which are difficult to define in nature, intentional or unintended, especially when mixed with other monetary and economic phenomena.

However, the limits on which deflation can be limited are the aggregate supply and demand limits: the higher the first is removed, the more the contraction, and the opposite in inflation, regardless of the reasons that led to it. Here, too, deflation was remarkable in all economies, whether capitalist, socialist or developing. In capitalism, for example, deflation can be seen when the market economy loses its balance after reaching the full operational point of the British economy Keynes, as evidenced by the pessimism of economic life as a result of the cancellation of profit or bankruptcy possibilities in projects, disruption of production factors or increased production costs.

In socialism, deflation appears as a result of setting The Bitcoin Code Login economic plan targets that are limited to using all available resources or because total expenditure is less than the value of GDP. In developing countries, deflation can show a policy reaction aimed at raising inflation rates in ways that are not responsive to the socio-economic structure.